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Katarzyna Piadel

Katarzyna Piadel

 I joined the ICVI’s team in October 2019 as a Research Technician. Previously I studied BSc Immunology and Infection at University College London. My research project based at the Royal Free Hospital was focusing on genetically modified CD4 T cells and its application in cancer immunotherapy.

My main focus at work is to support Dr. Alberto Fusi and Dr. Peter Smith with clinical trials on melanoma. We have two ongoing studies: one with IMM-101 in combination with checkpoint inhibitors and one with targeted combination therapy in patients with BRAFV600 mutation. Soon we will be involved in two more related to checkpoint inhibitors in resected melanoma and in combination with adjuvant immunotherapy.

I’m interested in how we can stimulate the immune system to achieve better response in cancer treatment and mechanisms that underlie those responses. My research project is focused on characterising the immunomodulatory effects of IMM-101 on dendritic cells and subsequently the activation of NK cells and CD8 T cells which play a major role in fighting cancer. By knowing the exact effect of IMM-101 on immune cells we could find ways to improve it even further or use it in combination with other immunotherapies.

I would like to thank ICVI and all of the supporters for funding my work.

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