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Joe Fenn

Joe Fenn

I became interested in immunotherapy whilst studying for my Bachelor’s degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Bath. I started working at St George’s as a technician but am now registered for a full time PhD. My research is looking at tuberculosis infection as well as cancer – areas in which I believe there may be some interesting overlaps. My post is jointly funded by ICVI and Health Protection England.

I am looking at how T-cells use a protein called a T-cell Receptor (TCR) to recognize a vast number of different targets including cancer and tuberculosis infected cells. My project aims to characterize those cells that are able to respond to cancer or tuberculosis in terms of the TCR they express as well as their other characteristics. With this information we may be able to better understand the properties of gamma delta T-cells that are able to recognize and kill cancer cells and to design therapies that harness these cells. This could be an exciting advance in the treatment of cancer.

I would like to thank the ICVI and everyone who fundraises for the charity, because your support enables me to carry out this really important research, which I hope will be published within the next year or two.

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