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Dr Mark Bodman-Smith

Dr Mark Bodman-Smith

I am the Senior Lecturer in Immunology in the Institute for Infection and Immunology at St George’s University of London. My position is jointly funded by the ICVI and SGUL and my roles include teaching for the University and leading the ICVI funded research into the mechanisms by which immunotherapy causes tumours to be destroyed. My particular field of interest is the Gamma Delta T cell and I currently supervise Jonathan and Laura in their work.  In addition I supervise a joint PhD studentship at Public Health England (Porton Down) looking at activated gamma delta T cells and their role in protection against infectious disease and how this might impact on their ability to attack tumour.

I am also the Associate Dean for Postgraduate Research at SGUL and the Deputy Head of the Graduate School.  This faculty position is one which allows me to be ideally situated for the supervision of PhD studentships supported by the ICVI, and joint funded positions, something we are actively looking to increase.  I would like to thank everyone who supports the ICVI. Your donations mean that our important work can continue.


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