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Aurora Campagna

Aurora Campagna

After graduating from University of Milan with a BSc in Medical Biotechnologies in July 2020, I joined St. George’s University of London (SGUL) to undertake an MSc in Translational Medicine. Since October 2021, I started my ICVI-funded PhD under the supervisory of Dr Mark Bodman-Smith, member of the ICVI team at SGUL, as well as Dr Ferran Valderrama and Dr Clara Cieza-Borrella, Principal Investigators of the Prostate Cancer Research Group at SGUL.

My project focuses on interrogating the potential of gamma-delta T cells in infiltrating and killing Prostate Cancer (PrCa). The tumour killing capabilities of gamma-delta T cells will be investigated in a 3D system which faithfully recapitulates the complexity of the prostate tumour.

We firmly believe that this project will bring us closer to developing a vaccine as a treatment option for PrCa and will enrich our understanding on the killing abilities of gamma-delta T cells, as well as the cancer behaviour.

I am immensely thankful to be a part of the ICVI’s team and to all the donors who are funding my project, to allow me and my team to keep working on developing new immunotherapy-based solutions to fight PrCa.

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