Please Donate ICVI’s 20th birthday

Six years ago Ralf was told he would have just 12 months to live following a diagnosis of mesothelioma – a cancer of the lung linked to asbestos exposure. Diagnosed after a routine health check, Ralph had no symptoms when he received the devastating news.

The only option offered to him was the removal of the lining of his lungs, but Ralph decided to explore other options and discovered immunotherapy. Professor Dalgleish put him on a trial for an immunotherapy drug called IMM-101. Ralph received injections every 4-6 months along with regular scans. Three years after his diagnosis scans showed that his cancer is dormant.

Ralph, now 70, says “I was supposed to have died by the end of 2014. But immunotherapy has, so far, helped me escape death. It’s thanks to Professor Dalgleish and his research team at the ICVI that I am still here. The charity needs more funds to help deliver these cutting edge treatments to everyone.”