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Call for Funding

The ICVI plans to fund small, innovative projects involving discovery or proof of concept studies of novel immunotherapeutic approaches. Projects for ICVI funding should address one or more research themes identified as priority areas of research by the ICVI. These research themes are:

1. Repurposing existing drugs as cancer immunotherapeutics:
Some chemotherapeutic drugs are reported to have immune modulatory properties but their potential use, individually or as combination immunotherapy, are not well understood. Issues such as dose, combination, sequence and mechanisms of action remain to be determined.

2. Utility of non-classical T-cell approaches as cancer immunotherapies:
Most current immunotherapies rely on the induction/enhancement of CD8+ cytotoxic T-lymphocytes (CTL) function for tumour killing. Other immune cells are present in the tumour, but their contribution to anti-tumour immunity and potential as novel immunotherapeutics is less well understood. This section will allow the investigation of non-classical approaches to cancer therapy aimed at supporting the current modalities.

3. Improvement in the efficacy and safety of immune checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy:
Immune checkpoint inhibition represents the most successful cancer immunotherapy to date. However, these therapies are expensive, demonstrate significant toxicity and are only efficacious in a subset of cancers or in a minority of patients as single agents. Combination therapy is not suitable for many patients due to increased toxicity. Novel approaches or combination partners to improve these therapies are needed, which have the potential to improve single agent therapy but without adding appreciable toxicity or cost.

For more information and an application form please email [email protected]