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The Nigel Backhouse Tribute Fund

Dear friends,

We have decided to support Professor Angus Dalgleish Cancer Vaccine Institute in memory of Nigel because of the incredible care he received at Gus’ hands throughout his two-year battle with malignant melanoma. Nigel and I were convinced that if anyone can help to get to the bottom of this hideous disease, it’s Gus.

You should know that Gus is an extraordinary scientist and doctor. But over and above his intellectual capabilities, his dedication, care and enthusiasm were an inspiration to Nigel, who thought the absolute world of him.

Therefore we will be fundraising to help ensure that Gus and his team can continue their vital efforts.

The CVI is the only charity in the UK specifically funding research to find, develop and offer better treatment for cancer through vaccines. As agreed with Gus, any money donated to the CVI in memory of Nigel will be used specifically towards the development of a test to identify the different melanoma pathways to aid in the selection of treatment protocol.

This would have been of great benefit to Nigel, as we were never able to ascertain which particular pathway his disease had taken, which greatly hampered his treatment.

Hamish, Adam, Tamsin, Connor and I hope that in future, no malignant melanoma patients will undergo the battery of tests and treatments Nigel faced with such bravery and dignity. And of course, that a cure can be found.

If you feel you would like to make a donation to the work of CVI in memory of Nigel, we would be most grateful.

With all love and thanks,

Sharon Backhouse.

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