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The Lucy Sands Tribute Fund

Lucy was an incredibly gentle and loving soul. She is greatly missed by her family and friends and we hope that by raising money in her memory inroads will be made into the treatment of melanoma and other cancers.

Lucy was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in December 2006. Whilst definitely scared of the potential consequences Lucy never once asked – why me? and bore numerous operations and treatments with an incredible repose.

Lucy came under Professor Dalgleish’s watch in 2010 and participated in experimental trials of the vaccines M Vaccae and Immodulon. When her health deteriorated she started a course of chemotherapy and this, in conjunction with the vaccine, had a remarkable effect. After four months she was back at work, going to weddings and parties and living a normal life. Unfortunately this did not last and Lucy died in December 2011 aged 28.

I am firmly of the belief that there is much more that this vaccine can give and hope that Lucy’s positive reaction (which the Prof described as remarkable) is the tip of a medical iceberg. Cancer, of all types, is an incredibly cruel disease that destroys dreams one by one. It is imperative that Professor Dalgleish’s research continues and all of your donations will help enable this.

One year on, over £40,000 has been raised in her name to fund research into new methods of treating melanoma and other cancers.

I am incredibily proud of all the people who have helped with this fundraising and am overwhelmed by the generosity of so many that have made this possible.

Thank-you George Bouwens, December 2012

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