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The Catriona Stephanie McLeod Tribute Fund

My sister Catriona Stephanie McLeod or Catt as she was more widely know, was 53 when she passed away on 7th January 2023.

She was a wonderful daughter, sister, friend and mother – she left behind her 14 year old daughter Morgan and her son Lachlan who was just turning 13; she adored them both and would have dearly loved to have had more time with them.

Diagnosed with breast cancer Catt initially appeared to be in the clear after treatment, but sadly this was not the case; however she showed an astonishingly positive attitude to dealing with her illness, she was determined to fight it with everything she could and continue to live a fulfilling life. Whilst undergoing a roller coaster of conventional treatments available, Catt worked to keep her illness at bay by exploring complimentary therapies, she came to realise that a more holistic approach to treating cancer was the way forward, rather than solely opting for conventional methods. She was excited about the emergence of Immunotherapy and believed that using the body’s own response system, combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle and mindfulness was going to be the first port of call for treatment in the future.

Immunotherapy treatment was not an option for Catt until much later on and sadly she didn’t get the opportunity to benefit from it herself, however she would be pleased to know that efforts are being made to make it more accessible in the future.

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