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The Ann-Marie Teresa Clifford Tribute Fund

Ann Marie was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic melanoma in Jan 2018. When asked how she was, she would always reply “not too bad.”

Three years of vomiting, nausea, weakness, poor appetite, tests, pieces of organs being removed via surgery, waiting for tubes to be removed from her body, “Not too bad”, she said. She received immunotherapy for those 3 years. Yes, there were some challenging days but with the therapy she would suddenly bounce back to life. It gave her hope and strength to fight the disease. She was often able to maintain mobility and do some of the things she enjoyed, including driving. She was able to meet her first granddaughter and be with her on her first birthday. We were able to have one last trip to Ireland.

The progress we witnessed year in, year out, in terms of new drugs and treatments was encouraging. Many clinical trials are underway to find new ways to engage the body’s immune system. Ann Marie herself took part in such trials. Unfortunately, the ‘magic’ formula for Ann Marie wasn’t found in time and she passed away at home on the 9th of June 2021.

Too many of our loved ones are being taken too early. Ann Marie was a young Granny. She was 44.

Let’s support the ICVI in continuing to try and solve this problem and in keeping our loved ones here for a little while longer.

We would like to thank the NHS, who delivered the treatments free at the point of use. St Bartholomew’s Hospital, University College London Hospital, The Royal Marsden, Oxford University Hospital and The Royal London for their professionalism and kindness. To the nurse who received such great cancer treatment herself that she quit her job as a teacher and joined the NHS. To her and the many others who stayed with Ann Marie way past the end of their shifts. Sometimes missing saying goodnight to their children. Thank you all for the smiles and kind words. To her consultant, who fought for her to receive the immunotherapy. Colleagues had voted against it, because on paper, Ann Marie was in a very bad way. Thank you, Dr R, for conveying Ann Marie’s physical and emotional strength and buying us some time. Lastly, to the Maggie’s Center Barts for the tea, gentle exercise classes and shelter from the cold.

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