Setting up a Tribute Fund is a unique and lasting way to honour and remember someone special to you. Named after the person who has died it enables family, friends and colleagues to contribute to the fund either by donating money or raising funds as far into the future as they wish. All of the money raised will support the Cancer Vaccine Institute’s pioneering research work and bring hope to future generations.

Setting up a fund is easy and the CVI will handle all the administration as well as providing regular updates on how the fund is growing. We can even set up a unique page on our website with details of the fund and an option for people to support it.

Any money that has previously been donated In Memory can be used to start a Tribute Fund.

For more details, please email

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General Donation

Making a donation to ICVI.

The Annette Clair Pullan Tribute Fund

Annette Clair Pullan Tribute Fund

Annette died from malignant melanoma, aged just 43, leaving 3 young children to grow up without the love and support of their Mother.

Over 2600 people a year die from malignant melanoma in the UK each year. Many of those will be leaving behind distraught and heartbroken partners, children, parents and friends.

Annette had been under the care of Professor Dalgleish for the last 5 years of her life. After Annette died I learned with dismay that 10 years ago a trial he was conducting with some success was terminated due to a change in direction of the sponsor. Our lives might be so different if that trial had had the finances to complete and been successful ………

Please help Professor Dalgleish, with a financial donation, to find a way of preventing this dreadful illness blighting the lives of more people.

The Professor Catherine Wilson Tribute Fund

Professor Catherine Wilson Tibute Fund

Professor Catherine Wilson was a big personality with a generous heart, sharp curiosity and lust for life. A respected research scientist, specializing in neuro-reproductive physiology, my mother received her first degree in Pharmacy before moving into the pharmaceutical industry in the early 1960s. Probably bored by the lack of exploration, she soon turned back to research science, gained her PhD in 1964 and secured her first Lecturer post at Chelsea College. Trailblazing for women in science, positions at the Royal Vet College followed before she joined St George's Hospital in 1982 as Senior Lecturer. She had taken the first Basic Science post within a clinical dept (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) at the hospital. She worked there until she died in 2010, becoming a Professor Emeritus in 2004.

Alongside her academic career, Catherine was also an accomplished and passionate artist. Many of her pictures of vegetables, flowers, trees and landscapes can be seen hanging in the houses of her friends and colleagues. Like her science and art, she also loved food, travel, books and parties. Her reputation for science is rivaled by her reputation as a hostess and bon viveur.

Catherine was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 and typical to her, she embarked on her treatments with zeal, determination and curiosity. After her initial chemotherapy, she went in search of Prof Dalgleish along the corridors of St Georges. She took on the cancer vaccine treatment he suggested with optimism and enthusiasm, especially when he said she could continue to have a glass of wine. Although ill health eventually took over my mother’s life, we believe that the cancer vaccine treatment added three years to her life (she had been given a prognosis of one year). These were a precious three years to her, her family and her vast array of friends who all miss her greatly.

natalie Wilson

Messages from the donors

Debra Ramsay - In loving memory of my Aunt Catherine. Debra, Ted & Evan.

Catherine & Peter Ison - With fond memories of many good times together which we will remember every day as we look at her art work.

Natalie Wilson - ran the Glasgow 10k in memory of her mother, in an impressive 62.5 minutes. The money is still coming in but so far over £700 has been raised.

The Edwin Poole Tribute Fund

Edwin Poole Tribute Fund

Edwin is a much-missed and dearly loved Husband, Father, Grandfather and friend.

He first met Professor Dalgleish back in December 2000 when,having undergone several unsuccessful surgical operations to attempt to remove malanoma cells, there was little hope that he would survive. However after undergoing a course of vaccine therapy and radiotherapy, Edwin returned to his previous good health and was given the gift of another 11 years of life.

Edwin’s annual check-up with Professor Dalgleish was always a nerve-racking day, but he was always given a clean bill of health after each appointment.

In fact Edwin eventually passed away due to an unrelated illness, but his family and friends were always grateful to Professor Dalgleish and the Cancer Vaccine Institute for the extra time that they gave them with him.

Messages from the donors

David and Maggie Bush celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary in the Autumn of 2014 and asked for donations rather than gifts.

The John Russell Tribute Fund

John Russell Tribute Fund

You will all know John Russell as an ebullient enjoyer of and participant in life: from his days as a policeman in London, from his caravanning rampages across Europe, perhaps from his immoderate enjoyment of a pint after a football match at Crystal Palace but most certainly from his love of and complete kindness towards his family and friends. But perhaps you know a little bit less about John Russell as an ill man.

For anyone who has watched a friend or loved one struggle with illness, one of the first questions is what can be done? Can it be cured? Is there hope? For cancer patients, these are much more fraught questions and for sufferers of malignant melanoma specifically, usually terrifying ones.

John was first diagnosed six years ago with a malignant melanoma but, with two operations, a careful watch by Professor Dalgleish and his wonderful team at St George’s Hospital, London and an all clear, he continued to enjoy life to the fullest. And so when, without warning, a scan revealed him to be harbouring metastases throughout his body, the blow was terrible. In the course of the four weeks from diagnosis, our family clutched at a sliver of hope that, as before, something could be done about it; we moved on to realising, if not accepting, that it was only a matter of time and determined that our last few months together would be as happy and heartfelt as any that had gone before until finally, at the end of those four weeks, we lost John forever. The speed with which this disease attacked was astonishing. John had barely had time to start the treatment intended to manage his last few months when he died.

So what if? What if you could have more time? Well, this charity is dedicated to valuable research aimed at developing vaccines for cancer that will lengthen and improve the quality of a cancer patient’s life. Professor Dalgleish and his team at St. George’s are solely reliant on voluntary contributions to fund this unique and hopeful research and so we hope that, in memory of our warm, generous, open hearted John, you will contribute something towards the fight against the awful disease that took him away far too soon. Please take a look around this website and the information it provides - you will soon see just what good work they are doing.

We thank you all for your time and help and especially for all the wonderful warm messages we have received from you all.

The Russells

Messages from the donors

Verity Russell - In loving memory of my darling dad. You will be in my heart, always and forever. You were a treasured Dad and I love you so much. Yours always, Verity xxx.

Julie Hall - In memory of a lovely man. My thoughts are always with you.

Ian Stone - You will be sadly missed

Roy Mirenda - Spirit and Heart are best associated with the Russells; It is with deepest sympathy but great belief that both John’s spirit and heart will live on.

Clare & Gordon Fitzgibbon - With deepest sympathy. Clare & Gordon x

Dr Mark Powell - John, we did not have the pleasure of meeting you in the flesh, but your spirit will live on forever. As an acorn is planted, an oak tree will grow. In memory of your being.

Adam Jukes - I only met John once, when he was visiting Singapore, but as a friend of Jeremy’s I want to do the little I can for your family

Jean & Ed Hall - Our thoughts are with you

Tesh & Sophie Patel

Selena Lynch - John was an outstanding coroner’s officer - he helped me through a particularly long and difficult case. He kept me sane and focussed with his kind, gentle and intelligent manner. The world is a sadder place without him.

Julian Jeffery - I had the great pleasure of working with JR during the 1990’s at South Norwood; He was such a decent, genuine and kind man. I thought the funeral service was beautiful and a fine tribute to him. I’m sorry we didn’t speak on the day but you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Wayne Nicholls - In loving memory of John

Sandra Russell - In memory of my beloved husband. He may be gone but love survives

Bryony Bird - John, my husband and I only had the pleasure of meeting you once, but we found you to be an incredibly warm, friendly person and a pleasure to spend time with. I know that you have been a wonderful friend to my parents - in particular to my Dad - and a great source of inspiration and support to my brother, and you wuill be sadly missed.

Caroline North - In loving memory x

Jeremy Russell - From all at Caterham

Ali and Steve Berridge

Matthew Rickard - With sympathy and thoughts for the family, Matt

Lee Vanderson - Rest In Peace

Lucinda Coleman - With deep sympathy from Singapore, for the Russell family. Best Wishes, Lucinda

Brian Thring - On behalf of Brian and Sylvia and all of your many friends at the Active Leisure Club it was a privilage to have known you and had your company and friendship. John was truly a genuine person.

Little Common ALC - In memory of John from all your friends at the ALC in Little Common

Giles Simons - I didn’t know John but I know a number of the people involved in raising funds so thought I’d add my small bit.

Quiz at St Marks - Many thanks to everyone who came and supported the quiz at St Marks.

Sandra Russell - Very many thanks to all our friends in Little Common and Bexhill for making our ‘Cream Tea & Pimms’ such a success. On the day we raised £411 all due to your kindness and generosity.

Adrian Frost - With Thanks to Adrian Frost

The Ken & Lucy Anidjah Tribute Fund

Ken and Lucy Anidjah Tribute Fund

Lucy Anidjah

Following her incredibly brave battle against cancer, Lucy sadly passed away on 10th May 2014.

Ken Anidjah

Ken was a wonderful husband and father to four children and eight grandchildren who recently celebrated his 70th birthday. Ken’s youngest daughter Lucy Anidjah was diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma in 2010 from which she recovered. However sadly a year later, a routine check up showed it had gone to Lucy’s liver and she was given months to live. Ken and Ann having already lost their eldest daughter Jane to a brain tumour eight years ago were determined not to be beaten again and with Lucy they diligently set about finding a treatment anywhere in the world.

Ken, Ann and Lucy travelled to Germany to try a drug which unfortunately did not make enough of a difference, however the Professor they met in Germany noticed Professor Dalgleish’s name on a scan report and said “I know him, go and see him, he is the best”.

We immediately set up an appointment and met Professor Dalgleish and we have not looked back since. Nearly two years on Lucy is making amazing progress with the help of Gus’s vaccine and still carries out her day to day activities running her 8 year old daughter around. Lucy had many doors closed on her as she desperately tried to find a treatment. Once we found Gus that desperation disappeared because Gus is so pro-active and kind and encouraging. Ken said he had never met anyone quite like Professor Dalgleish and he knew how fortunate we were to find him.

With this in mind Ken was very keen to give something back to Gus and had already started plans to instigate dramatic improvements and change to the car park at St George’s Hospital, Tooting. The plans had been done and shown to Professor Dalgleish and the idea was to also incorporate a centre of excellence that would help Gus expand his medical research with potential for a new oncology wing.

Ken sadly died on 16th July. He had not been well so it was a complete shock to his family and he will be hugely missed. Ken was determined to do something that would help the Professor and it is tragic that Ken will not be around to continue this. However, we have asked all those attending his funeral and in his memory going forward, to donate to the CVI as we know that is most definitely what Ken would have wanted. Ken also attended with his wife Ann, daughters Lucy and Julie and son Stephen the Helen Feather Ball held at the Hurlingham Club last October and our table managed to raise £12,000 which was wonderful.

We hope that with Gus’s continuous dedication and creative determination with the CVI, that one day Ocular Melanoma and other cancer related illnesses will be a thing of the past.

Messages from the donors

Tanya Blanchard - In loving memory of a kind and generous man, Ken. You are sadly missed, with love Tanya, Jamie & Noah x

Matthew Courage - In memory of a real mate.

David & Brenda Fyson - In memory of Ken Anidjah and in appreciation of the care given to his daughter Lucy by Professor Dalgleish. From Brenda, David, Susanna and Matthew.

£601.96 was very generously donated at Ken’s funeral, by his friends and family.

Siri Broadbent - In loving memory of Lucy. The bravest and most inspiring person I have ever met.

Lisa Lawrence - In memory of Lucy, my old school friend, a brave and beautiful person.

Stephen Anidjah - donated the proceeds from the sale of his classic Bentley, which raised £6875 when sold at Brookland Classic car Auctions.

Wendy Dutson - In memory of my niece Lucy - Lucy was loved by everyone who knew her & will be remembered with affection for her courage and fighting spirit, also for her wonderful personality. I would also like to show my appreciation to Professor Angus Dalgleish for his dedication and kindness to Lucy and all his patients.

Hermitage Charity - Jumblesale raised £1200 in memory of Lucy. Huge thanks to everyone who helped organise and support the event.

Alaina raised an amazing £993.11 at her 'Yellow Day' event at her school St Gabriel's, for her mother Lucy.  Thanks to all her friends and their parents for their support and well done Alaina!  


The Lucy Sands Tribute Fund

Lucy Sands Tribute Fund

Fundraising Information

About Lucy

Lucy was an incredibly gentle and loving soul. She is greatly missed by her family and friends and we hope that by raising money in her memory inroads will be made into the treatment of melanoma and other cancers.

Lucy was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in December 2006. Whilst definitely scared of the potential consequences Lucy never once asked - why me? and bore numerous operations and treatments with an incredible repose.

Lucy came under Professor Dalgleish’s watch in 2010 and participated in experimental trials of the vaccines M Vaccae and Immodulon. When her health deteriorated she started a course of chemotherapy and this, in conjunction with the vaccine, had a remarkable effect. After four months she was back at work, going to weddings and parties and living a normal life. Unfortunately this did not last and Lucy died in December 2011 aged 28.

I am firmly of the belief that there is much more that this vaccine can give and hope that Lucy’s positive reaction (which the Prof described as remarkable) is the tip of a medical iceberg. Cancer, of all types, is an incredibly cruel disease that destroys dreams one by one. It is imperative that Professor Dalgleish’s research continues and all of your donations will help enable this.


One year on, over £40,000 has been raised in her name to fund research into new methods of treating melanoma and other cancers.

I am incredibily proud of all the people who have helped with this fundraising and am overwhelmed by the generosity of so many that have made this possible.

Thank-you George Bouwens, December 2012

Messages from the donors

Thomas Worboys - £25 This is the least we could do in memory of a completely wonderful girl.

Charlotte Bradford - £20 I would like to send my love and thoughts to Lucy’s family, George and friends and help raise money for the treatment of melanoma and other cancers.

Joseph Adams - For Lulu

Jenny Harris - She was the nicest person I knew and will ever know.

Mr J Edge - Lucy was the bravest young lady we have ever known. Who gave courage and support to others even though she was so poorly which has made them stronger.

James Wyatt - Tilby We knew Lucy for far too short a time

Mrs RF Bowen - In memory of a lovely girl.

Helen Lymburn - My thoughts are with the family and friends of Lucy

Peter TC Belk - Thoughts are with you, George and family Sands. Keep it up, CVI!

Mary - Ann Rankin In memory of lovely Lucy

Clare Harvey - Clare raised £2,650.30 by completing the London Marathon in April. Many thanks to all those who very kindly sponsored her.

Fiona Foote - I hope this tiny donation will go towards helping this essential research

George Bouwens - £6,858.75 has been raised so far at the very successful Clay Shoot in July, organised by George.

David Wilkes - Hope you had a great night, sorry I couldn’t be there. x

Frances Small - Frances, along with her friends and family, completed the very gruelling national 3 peaks challenge in under 24 hours at the end of June. The contributions are still being counted but so far the CVI have received £7163.09.

Cheslyn Hay Open Gardens - £460 was raised at this open garden event in June, in memory of Lucy. Many thanks to all those that very generously opened their gardens for this event.

Drewett Bash - £3,843.50 has been raised so far from this event - In loving memory of our very special friend. Lucy was a true inspiration to us all and we hope the money raised will help the CVI to continue their research. Thank you to everyone who supported The Drewett Bash - this is the first part of the funds we raised.

Nick & Hugo Read - The father and son team completed the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge, in 12 hours, in July and raised £1132.91.

Tom Marchant - cycled from John O’Groats to Lands End - 900 miles in 9 days in August. He has raised £1,309.38.

Mr W Alan Leedham - In memory of Lucy Sands, a beautiful girl. Good luck with all of the fundraising from Anne & Alan Leedham.

R R Farrow - We hope this will go to make a difference. Syngenta UK.

Liz Sands - Her Staffordshire clay shoot in the summer raised £6,077.95.

Carel Bouwens - £771 was raised at Mr Bouwens’ mother’s funeral, towards Lucy’s Tribute Fund.

Bayer Cropscience - generously donated £250.00 towards Lucy’s Tribute Fund

Movember - George Bouwens and friends from the Pembroke House School and the local community in Gilgil, Kenya raised £250.00 by proudly growing their moustaches in November, in memory of Lucy.

Barclays Bank sent in £380 following Liz Sands’ clay shoot event in the Summer 12.

Tidworth Garrison Golf Club - £48 was raised at their winter competition towards the Lucy Sands Tribute Fund

Claire Lindfield - and friends cycled 160 miles from Edinburgh to Newcastle over 3 days in June 13, in memory of Lucy. This event is part of ‘Jennys Hen - thinking of Lucy’. The ladies are also planning charity runs in September for Lucy.

Liz Sands - An open garden event held by Liz Sands raised £402 June 2013.

Creaton Grange Shoot - this annual shoot was held at the start of 2014, £600 was donated in memory of Lucy.

Kilimanjaro Climb - The Bouwens family - Carel, Caroline, George & Lizzie Bouwens, and their friend Will Fortescue, climbed the mighty Kilimanjaro in March 2014. They raised an incredible £12,783.01 in memory of Lucy. See Carel’s account of their challenge above.

Jen’s Hen - Jenny Harris has organised a number of fundraising events to celebrate her hen party, including Jenny and her friends running the Bristol half marathon in September 2013. So far ‘Jen’s Hens’ have raised over £2,400.

Day for a Day - Gemma Drewet set up a Just Giving page encouraging people to donate a days wages in memory of Lucy’s 30th Birthday, 18th September. £720 plus gift aid has been raised so far.

Edward Marsh - has been taking part in Movember and raising funds for Lucy’s tribute fund. He has raised £115 so far.

In Memory of John Sands - sadly Lucy’s grandfather passed away recently, also from Melanoma. He leaves behind his wife Margaret. His friends and family very generously donated £1750 in memory of him, and this amount has been added to Lucy’s tribute site.

Miranda & Ian Russell - raised £110 from selling their honey, in memory of Lucy.

Liz Sands - Over £1800 was raised at the ‘Bake Off’ event organised in November.

George, Lizzie, Carel & Caroline Bouwens and Will Fortescue, successfully climbed Kilimanjaro in March. This amazing challenge has raised £14,178 so far. A full account of their journey is available at the top of this page.

John Matts - raised £600 at the recent Creaton Grange Shoot.

Rosemary Vale - Hosted a 60th Birthday Luncheon Party, and asked for donations in leui of presents. £405 was raised.

Liz Sands - Held a Button Hole workshop day recently and raised £190.47. Those who attended went away with a kit and the skills to make their own buttonhole for their next wedding.

Carel Bouwens - Carel & Caroline gave a talk to the local church and raised £125 from the congregation.

Liz Sands - Organised the very successful ‘Vintage Glamour Charity Ball’ in November 2014, and raised a fantastic £4,537.97. Many thanks to all those involved in the organisation of this event.

Shoot in memory of Lucy - in early 2015 - £600 was donated from this event, and a special thanks goes out to George Matts, who organised the event and Doug McCarlie - the game keeper and his team of beaters for laying on such great birds; and many of Lucy’s friends from Reading University.

<Miranda, Ian and Henry Russell raised £350 from selling their 2014 honey crop, in memory of Lucy.

Lollipops Theatre group held a music evening and donated their raffle collection to the Lucy Sands Tribute Fund, raising £282.75 in June 2015

Liz Sands took part in the village open gardens and raised £199.40, by holding a tea and cake stall in June 2015.

Liz Sands organised a Neal’s Yard Beauty evening, raising £1,100.50. Many thanks to her friends Emma & Richard Foxley who hosted the event and to Neal’s Yard who donated 10% of sales to Lucy’s Tribute fund. Thanks to all those who attended this event and for all the donations that were received.

Creaton Grange Shoot - A further £400 was donated in memory of Lucy, following this annual event, many thanks to John Matts for organising again.

Miranda Russell - raised £200 by selling honey in memory of Lucy, in 2016.  

Chillington Christmas Fair - Mr & Mrs John Gifford very kindly offered Mrs Liz Sands a stall at this event where she raised £704.60. Liz organised a raffle and cake stall, as well as selling ICVI Christmas cards. Many thanks to all the other stall holders who very generously each donated a prize to the raffle.

Charity Supper with Jazz evening, June 17.  Many thanks to all those who helped with the evening, in particular Francesca Jones from Codsall Coffee shop for providing the catering; Julian Dean & friends with the Easy Listening Summer Jazz; Mike Williams who's auction raised £2,775.00; Steve, Maggie, Edward & Emily who ran the bar and finally the support of Lucy's sisters and their husbands - Emma & Richard Foxley and Sarah & Tom Marchant.  The evening raised £5,240.

Open Garden Tea and Cakes - summer 2017 - Liz's stall raised £517 this year.  

Chillington Christmas Fair - In November a Christmas Fair was held at Chillington Hall, Staffordshire home of Mr & Mrs John Giffard. Over 500 people supported the event. The ICVI were invited to run the raffle and hold a cake & preserves stall. Over twenty stall holders very kindly donated a raffle prize. A total of £1,126.30 was raised. Many thanks to Mr & Mrs John Giffard and the staff at Chillington Hall.

Coombes' Festive Charity Tractor Road Run was held in December 2017, with 80 tractors going on a 17 mile road run.  The day was finished off with a raffle and fish and chips, and raised £765 for LSTF.  

Rolex Raffle - George Bouwens organised a Rolex Raffle, and the winner was drawn in January 2018.  This event raised £8,411.50 for Lucy's tribute fund.  Many thanks to all those who bought tickets.  Better luck next year!

George Matts - very generously gave a donation to Lucy's fund in lieu of a present at Richard Meadows and Katie Nixon's wedding.  

Supper Party - Liz Sands hosted a highly successful supper party in January 2018, raising £890 for Lucy's fund.  Many thanks to all those who attended and took part in the raffle.

Miranda Russell - raised a further £250 from the sale of her honey in 2017. 

The Mark Aldous Tribute Fund

Mark Aldous Tribute Fund

Mark was a fantastic husband and also a brilliant father to his twin sons, Billy and Archie. He was a enormous character, full of charm and fun with a naughty sense of humour. Mark had many, many friends who still miss him and his main love apart from his family was fishing, cooking and nature.

He died tragically young, aged 41 on November 19th 2005 after fighting malignant melanoma for three years. Professor Dalgleish was our one ray of hope when all the doctors had given up on him and I firmly believe that Gus’s vaccine gave us an extra six months together - for our sons, who were only six when their father died this was so important.

This pioneering treatment is vital to support and I hope that one day it might result in a cure for this horrible and unpredictable disease.

The Monica Walters Tribute Fund

Monica Walters Tribute Fund

On July 25th 2012 we lost the most inspirational woman in our lives, our mum, Monica Walters. Twenty One days earlier we found out that mum had breast cancer and it had spread to her lungs, bones, liver and brain. Despite this mum was positive, she told me that she didn’t want to upset anyone or cause anyone any trouble. My sister (who was 6 months pregnant at the time with mums longed for grandchild) and myself spent our time sitting quietly with mum during her final days. Mum passed away in our arms at home unexpectedly the day she was due to start chemotherapy. she didn’t have the chance to fight.

Our mum taught us that it’s a ‘wonderful world’ and encouraged us to live our dreams, see the world and do whatever would make us happy. On mums passing we decided to set up the ‘Wonderful World’ Just Giving page in her memory. As mum had died so suddenly we didn’t have any connections with a hospice or hospital. We therefore looked on Just Giving to see which cancer charity deserved our support. CVI stood out as being a small charity who really would put a high percentage of our money to good use. So we started our fund raising in November with the aim of raising £10,000. We have already hit £1,000 thanks to the support of our friends, with a Santa Run, family donating their Christmas present money and general kind donations. This year we have 10k runs, parachute jumps, Llama treks etc. planned.

Mum was such a kind lady and always had time for everyone, a smile on her face and she shone with positive energy. I wanted to share a special photo with you. The photo on the left was taken 4 weeks before mum passed away on her final holiday. Despite having terminal cancer mum insisted on climbing the mountain in Eze, South of France to see the view. It was not easy for her. This photograph gives me so much strength, if mum can do this with terminal cancer, think what we can do with our gift of health.

The photo above is of mum on her 60th birthday opening up a surprise day out, from Natalie, at a racetrack where she sped around in racing cars, including an Aston Martin, which she loved. Mum loved adventures and got much braver in later life.

Messages from the donors

Many of Amanda’s friends and family have generously donated in memory of Monica in the last 3 months. Various fundraising events are planned for the coming year - including a Llama Trek and a parachute jump.

Paul Hoskins - Monica’s nephew - successfully completed the Greenwich Santa run in December in memory of Monica.

Jo & Jen - completed the Brighton Half Marathon on a very sunny Sunday, 17th February. They have raised over £500 so far.

Amy - is running the Fleet half Marathon in March.

David - is running the Bupa london 10k run in May.

Amanda - completed her adventure of sailing across the Atlantic with 6 other girls and has raised over £1000 for this Tribute fund for CVI. Details of their voyage will be in the Spring Newsletter.

The Nigel Backhouse Tribute Fund

Nigel Blackhouse Tribute Fund

Dear friends,

We have decided to support Professor Angus Dalgleish Cancer Vaccine Institute in memory of Nigel because of the incredible care he received at Gus’ hands throughout his two-year battle with malignant melanoma. Nigel and I were convinced that if anyone can help to get to the bottom of this hideous disease, it’s Gus.

You should know that Gus is an extraordinary scientist and doctor. But over and above his intellectual capabilities, his dedication, care and enthusiasm were an inspiration to Nigel, who thought the absolute world of him.

Therefore we will be fundraising to help ensure that Gus and his team can continue their vital efforts.

The CVI is the only charity in the UK specifically funding research to find, develop and offer better treatment for cancer through vaccines. As agreed with Gus, any money donated to the CVI in memory of Nigel will be used specifically towards the development of a test to identify the different melanoma pathways to aid in the selection of treatment protocol.

This would have been of great benefit to Nigel, as we were never able to ascertain which particular pathway his disease had taken, which greatly hampered his treatment.

Hamish, Adam, Tamsin, Connor and I hope that in future, no malignant melanoma patients will undergo the battery of tests and treatments Nigel faced with such bravery and dignity. And of course, that a cure can be found.

If you feel you would like to make a donation to the work of CVI in memory of Nigel, we would be most grateful.

With all love and thanks,

Sharon Backhouse.

Messages from the donors

Jeremy Connell - In memory of a very special friend

Carolyn Derry - In Memory of a lovely man

The Firkins - Thank you for giving us the opportunity of remembering such a remarkable man in such a meaningful way. Much love.

Mark Huband - A courageous and generous friend

Adam & Jen Backhouse - recently got married and very kindly encouraged their friends and family to donate to the CVI instead of buying wedding presents. Over £1700 was raised.

Connor Backhouseis completing a French cycling challenge - over £1384 has been raised so far.

The Pat Mitchell Tribute Fund

Pat Mitchell Tribute Fund

Much loved and much missed by Antoinette, James, Giles and Frances.

Messages from the donors

Raal Harris - With love and respects

The Steven Bryn Ellis Tribute Fund

Steven Bryn Ellis Tribute Fund

To all of Steve’s friends

Steve was an amazing guy, always strong, always positive and with never a bad word to say about anyone. This may sound like our biased family opinion but from the many tributes that are pouring in we know that so many others also share our view. You have all expressed shock and sadness at his passing but also conveyed, with such warmth, the respect and love with which you regarded him as he was a best friend to many!

Steve was first diagnosed in June 2006, from that moment until his death in May 2010 he never once sought self-pity or special treatment, he used to say that “I’m only ill when I’m in the hospital, otherwise lets just enjoy ourselves and get on with life”. Steve truly lived life to the full, putting so much energy and enthusiasm into everything that he did. Together with Liz they ensured that every moment was a moment to be treasured, whether that was on one of their many travels (14 different countries at the last count) or simply a night in watching DVDs and eating fish & chips.

Steve left a letter for his family and we’d like to share an excerpt with you as it not only illustrates his strength of character and positivity but also sets us a challenge:-

“You control how you react to different situations and I ask you to react positively to this one and every one that you face. Please pass on my future best wishes to those who I met and cared for, and those who cared for me. I thank them too for every little bit of my life that they contributed to”

We’d like to share with you Steve’s challenge, to turn his experience into a positive (as he did), by asking you to donate in Steve’s memory to the valuable work being done by Professor Dalgleish. While in hospital, Steve received the most amazing care from so many medical professionals (too many to mention - thank you all) but ‘the Prof’ was always there, always positive, always ready with an alternative treatment. His support gave Steve and his family great hope and enabled them to enjoy the last 4 years of Steve’s life.

Professor Dalgleish and his team are working on various aspects of improving the survival rate of melanoma patients including; dendritic cell vaccines, many alternative treatments to boost the immune response to kill cancer cells, and the use of chemotherapy combined with immunotherapy. Your donations will allow Professor Dalgleish to continue with his invaluable work to save lives from this awful disease and give other families hope.

Steve’s family would like to say thank you for all the anonymous cash donations, received by the undertakers, in memory of Steve. These amounted to £467.00.

Steve’s family have been supporting the Cancer Vaccine Institute through various fundraising initiatives and have so far raised over £26,000.00

Messages from the donors

Roy Lightfoot - Iwas lucky to have lovely grandchildren. Steve was the one I saw most and I treasure so many happy memories. Thank you from grandpa.

Patricia Angel - We are proud to have been aunt, uncle and cousins to Steve. He was a modest, helpful young man who always had a twinkle in his eye. He was much loved by all our family and he enjoyed even the company of me his aunt, joining me dog walking and even coming with me to a predominantly female aerobics class! Steve was always interesting and was lively company and would often send his own postcards from his travels, using his own holiday photos and often thanking for various presents which he had received. Since being diagnosed, Steve was most courageous and demonstrated an incredibly positive attitude, still with thoughts of others uppermost in his mind: He often would thank me for coming to visit him and for keeping his mum company. We al miss Steve greatly and the World will be a poorer place without him.

Jamie O’Hare - You made the world a better place for all of us.

Steven Chan - Thanks, Steve, for the friendship and help you’d given during the time I worked with you. You’ll be immensely missed but never forgotten. Rest well. And to the family and his partner, be strong for and be proud of Steve.

Nathanael Anguige - I’m so very sad to hear about Steven’s death. To me he was a great friend throughout and after my time in school and it was my privilege to know him. I wish Professor Dalgleish and his team every success in their work, and pass my sincere sympathy and condolences to you his family. He will be very much missed.

Roberto Picozzi - From the Colleagues of the Italian Office

Nikki Colverson - Dear Mr Steve, such sadness for the most, loyal, sensitive, smart, funny, giving, generous friend anyone could ask for. Forever living on in our memories. You are sadly missed by all the hearts that you touched.

Kate Neary - For my lovely friend Stevie E. Thanks to your spontaneity and sense of adventure I have so many happy memories with you.

Leanne Jones - In memory of a true gentleman, a real inspiration and a great friend. See you on the other side Ste xxxx

Christine Squires - I feel so sad that I didn’t say this while I had the chance. Steve was a great guy and a real pleasure to work with. He was always pleasant and thoughtful of others while trying to do the best in every undertaking. He will be greatly mssed.

Heather Lister - Sue, Nigel & Barry - I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Steve, but I have heard so many wonderful things about him over the years from Sue; what an inspiring, fantastic young man. Words are never enough…… my thoughts with you all. Heather, David, Stephen & Michael.

Philip Bailey - Though I didn’t know Steve well, I remember him always having a smile and friendly word in the office, even after being diagnosed with cancer and having a determination that it would not get him down or stop him living life to the full.

Anna Lucia Gascoigne - Steve was an exemplary colleague and it was a pleasure to have known him and to call him my friend. With love Lucia.

Keith Windram - Over recent years I have worked closely with Steve and spent many weeks abroad to some of the countries he loved to visit. His great positive outlook on all things was an inspiration to all. We shared many long days and nights travelling and working, but he always still found time and energy to enjoy every moment and importantly have some fun. As well as being exceptionally smart and good at his job, he was an extremely nice person and great company. My thoughts are with his family and Liz ad I know from the tributes I have received from colleagues, friends and clients we all share the belief that we are better people for having known him.

Guy Heather - Sue, Nigel & Barry, our thoughts are with you. I get the impression that Steve lived more in his short life than a lot of people do who reach old age - inspirational. Wishing the Professor every success in his work. Love Guy, Lisa & William

Andrew Pierce - A small token from work colleagues at Honeywell in St Asaph

Rich Brady - I haven’t seen Steve for many years, but was instantly saddened at the news. Then smiled as I remembered him teaching me some Stereophics chords on my shitty guitar on a long bus trip to the Alps on our 6th Form Ski Trip.

<pHoward Cardus - Such a good friend and a great loss.

Arabella Volkers - I thought you would prefer the money for the ‘plane ticket to go to support CVI instead, Steve. That’s just you: simply thinking of others first. A lovely friend and colleague.

Rachel Corner - Such a sad loss to all who knew him. x

Roger Warner - Steve was an inspiration to us all and will be truly missed.

Jessica Kane - Working with you was a real pleasure. You were always so kind and generous with your time. I will miss you.

Sarah & Michael Canby - We never met Steve but we are humbled by his strength and courage - and by the strength and courage of his family. Let us all wish “the Prof” and his team every success in their future work.

Tim & Gill Allen - Steven was amazing guy and brilliant friend. It was an honour to have had Steven as a friend. He will be missed! It was a privilege to be part of celebrating Steven’s life and meeting some of the friends he had made and sharing the memories we all have. Our thoughts are with Sue, Nigel, Barry, Liz & the rest of the family. RIP Steve.

Jenny Angel - Steve lived more than most people would in 5 lifetimes in his 29 years. He had a happy, adventure and fun-filled life surrounded by people that loved him, family and friends. He had travelled the world & excelled at a variety of sports. Even as a child he was good at everything he tried. He was amazingly fit running, cycling, climbing & windsurfing the mountains and lakes of North Wales where he grew up. A 20 mile run was a short walk for him. He was cheeky & up for a laugh but sensitive & kind at the same time which drew everyone to him & made them love him although we should really have been jealous of such an amazing young man. I hasve known Steve most of my life & always enjoyed my holidays spending time with him & his family on his farm in Wales. They all helped to make him the special person he was. Steve was always up to some antic or other. Things were never boring with him around. It is a shame all our time with him has been cut short. Things won’t be the same without him to share the fun times although he will always be in our minds.

Catrin Mererid - I will cherish forever the fond memories I have of Steven. We had so much fun in Ysgol Llannefydd. Love from Catrin.

With fond memories from all at Pen Coed

Mervyn & Annwen - In Memory of Steve - With fond memories from all at Ivy House

Mr & Mrs Ellis - In loving memory of our wonderful son Steve, who gave us so much. Words cannot describe. With all our love for ever. Mum & Dad.

David & Jeannette Orange - A little help for Professor Dalgleish in memory of a great member of the family

David Waterfield - In memory of a dear friend, who always reminded me that life was for living and not just working. I will always remember the mischievous grin you had on every time I saw you, a grin that very much reflected your outlook on life. You will be much missed but never forgotten mate.

Roger & Hazel Goulden - Remembering Steve, his strength, his courage and his warmth; Joining with all who knew and loved him; With thanks for comfort and hope; Brought by the hands, hearts and skills of all who were entrusted ith his care.

Ernest Ellis - To a wonderful Grandson who was such good company. Forever in my thoughts. Love from Grandpa Chester

Sally, Mike, Emma & Jon Taylor - In memory of Steven. He was a very special young man who will remain in our hearts forever.

Gareth Alston - A brilliant and true friend - will never forget you mate!

James Hackett - In Memory of Steve, who achieved so much in his 29 years. An inspiration to all.

David, Gillian, Helen, Alison & Megan Riley - We only met Steve the once as a young boy but recognise, through reading the tributes, what a wonderful young man he had become and so much of that is down to you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Paul & Jackie Hipwell - We have known Steve since he first started going out with Liz. He was truly an amazing guy who we feel very fortunate to have known. He was very unassuming and always thought of others before himself. We learnt a lot from Steven and our lives are richer as a consequence

Ian Forsythe - Sue & I remember a great young lad, having fun, enjoying life and giving so much pleasure to Sue and Nigel. He will be missed by all who knew him

Jean MacPherson - In Memory and with love

Jill, Richard, Jenny & Claire Harvey - You are in our thoughts, Sue and Nigel. With love.

Ian Tomlin - Far too soon

Liz Wright

David Parry - We cannot express how much we both admired Steve in every way; he was a most impressive and charming person and so brave; we do not know how his family can start to cope with their loss.

Sue Ellis - At Christmas, With Love

Nicky Carroll & Gethin Jones - We cannot begin to imagine the impact of the loss of Steven on those who loved and knew him best: Sue, Nigel, Barry and Liz. We think of you often. Our own recollections of Steven, together with what we’ve heard and read about him, represents everything that we could wish our own sons to to grow up to be.

With fond memories & love from the family in Derm

Christian Wynne - I completed three events over the summer - the Manchester 10k, the Gothenburg Half Marathon and a 300km Bike Race around Lake Vattern in Sweden. I raised £4862 in memory of Steve.

Raffle at charity luncheon at Hafodty - The raffle raised £123

Rhyl Yacht Club - £70 donation from fun day entries

Holland and Barratt - Raised £20 from a collection tin in the Llandudno branch

Linnis Bradshaw - £27 raised from the sale of home made jam - in fond memory of Steve - from from Linnis Bradshaw, Tan y Ffynnon, Llannefydd.

Patrons of the Duke of Edinburgh hotel - £60.00 kindly donated by the patrons of the Duke of Edinburgh hotel in Barrow-in-Furness.

Sue Ellis - £240.00 - Llannefydd sale of unwanted gifts - November 2011.

Susan Ellis - £52.00 raised from the sale of homemade greetings cards made by Sue Hart & Sue Forsythe.

Family & Friends - Donations of £150 made by family & friends who could not attend the Quiz night in Cefn - including £20 further donation towards Christian Wynne’s amazing challenges- November 2011

Quiz Night - Sue Ellis£500 raised at Quiz held in Cefn supported by loads of Steve’s friends - November 2011

Sue Hart & Sue Forsythe - £16 raised from the sale of homemade greetings cards made by Sue Hart & Sue Forsythe.

ReeBees Florist - £10.14 - Kindly donated in a collection tin by customers of ReeBee’s Florist in Bridge Street Denbigh.

Rhyl Yacht Club - £200 raised at the Bonfire Party, held on 5th November at the Club.

With our Love, as ever, at Christmas - Mum & Dad

Christmas Fair at Cefn - £70 raised at the Christmas Fair at Cefn

Jenny Koppen - Donated £20 in Memory of Steven Bryn Ellis

Duke of Edinburgh Hotel - Many thanks to the Duke of Edinburgh hotel in Barrow in Furness who supported the quiz nights to raise this donation of £48.50.

Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, Barrow in Furness - £115 was raised by the patrons of the weekly quiz night at the

Ritchie Jones - £15 generously donated

Sue Ellis - With thanks to all who supported our very successful quiz night in Cefn

Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, Barrow in Furness - Many thanks to the patrons of the Duke of Edinburgh Hotel for raising a further £60 at another quiz night.

Ian and Vanessa Oldham - What a great idea to have a weekend celebrating Steven’s life! Best wishes from Ian and Vanessa

Roger Goulden - We shared a memorable weekend at Hafodty and at the Brenig with friends and family

Nigel Ellis - £98.96 has been raised from the family selling items on eBay in memory of Steve.

Sue Ellis - £23.70 raised from the sale of CVI Christmas cards & homemade cards at the Strawberry tea at Hafodty

Sue Ellis - £158.50 raised – Thanks to all who supported our Strawberry cream teas and scones at Hafodty, jointly in aid of with help from Llannefydd Parish Church

Rhyl Yacht Club - With many thanks to all those who supported the Rhyl Yacht Club ‘Tea & cakes on the Lawn’ and purchased raffle tickets in aid of CVI. £44 was raised.

Jenny Koppen - was a great weekend at the Brenig XXX

Family Gathering weekend at Hafodty 23-24th June - Many thanks to all those that attended and donated over this weekend. Over £3,000 has been collected so far from this fundraising weekend.

Michael & Sally’s Sponsored Walk - So far the CVI have received £1,926.09 from all those who kindly sponsored them

Nigel Ellis - £1.57 raised through Ebay sales.

Eisteddfod y Tai - This annual village event raised £150.60, by selling ‘paned’ (cups of tea), and selling an Oak Trough, which was donated by Alun Jones, Bryn Isa.

Susan Ellis - £105 was raised at the Christmas Fair in the Neuadd Owen selling cards and other gifts. Many thanks to the organisers for allowing me to have a ‘pitch’.

The Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, Barrow in Furness - £65 was raised at their recent quiz night. Many thanks to all the patrons who attend these events and give so generously.

Yanxia Han - Even three years on I still think about my dear friend Steve and miss him very much. Such an amazing guy and amazing travel buddy. He is an inspiration and an ambassador to the way we should all live our lives…to the fullest and without fear.

The Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, Barrow in Furness - a further £110 was raised at their regular quiz nights in memory of Steven. These events have raised over £700 over the last few years. Many thanks to all those who attend these events and donate so generously and regularly.

Pat & Doug Angel - Particularly remembering Steve at this time and what a wonderful guy he was.

The Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, Barrow in Furness - a recent quiz night raised a further £110 in August 2013. Many thanks to all the patrons of these evenings. £820 has been raised so far at these events.

Sale of Cards, made by Sue Hart and Sue Forsythe - £42 was recently raised by Sue Ellis selling these cards. A total of £110 has been raised over the years. Many thanks.

Linnis & Neil Bradshaw - Such a very kind donation from Linnis & Neil Bradshaw and Loris Nicholson, when Loris requested a charity donation, in lieu of payment, for the amazing spread of food that she laid on, on the occasion of the marriage of Linnis & Neil’s son Sam and wife Jess - very many thanks to all.

The Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, Barrow in Furness - a recent quiz night raised a further £100 in October 2013, bringing the total raised over the years to £920.

Sale of Unwanted Gifts - This event was run by Sue Ellis in November 2013, jointly in aid of Llannefydd Parish Church - £196 was raised. Many thanks to all the helpers and supporters.

“Look After Yourself Evening” - was also organised by Sue Ellis. £422.60p was raised, by offering talks, demonstrations and tastes of many complimentary therapies and a cheese andwine supper - again many thanks to all.

Sale of Cards - of the money raised at these two events, £82 was from the sale of cards - including handmade cards, made by Sue Hart & Sue Forsythe, and CVI cards.

Pat, Doug and family - Always in our thoughts and remembered with much affection and love.

Capt & Mrs H Williams - Many thanks for kindly donating a gentleman’s watch, the proceeds of which raised £125 including gift aid.

The Duke of Edinburgh Hotel - Once again staff and patrons have raised £80.00 for Steve’s Tribute Fund, this time in a Halloween party.

Barry Ellis and friends - Raised £650 in the annual ‘K2B’ event. They covered the 40 - very hilly - miles between Keswick and Barrow, in the Lake District, to raise this amount for Barry’s brother Steven.

Sue & Nigel Ellis - have given a Christmas donation towards Steven’s Tribute Fund of £200.

Sue & Nigel Ellis - very generously donated £100 towards the Cancer Vaccine Institute’s 2014 Christmas Appeal.

Sue Forsythe - £30 was raised from selling cards made by Sue Forsythe

K2B Walk - Thanks to all those who took part in this annual event and raised £600 for Steven’s Tribute Fund.

Duke of Edinburgh Hotel in Barrow in Furness - raised £100 with a Charity bottle on the bar. The patrons at this hotel have raised an amazing £1007 over the last few years. Thanks to Steven’s brother Barry for continuing with his fundraising efforts.

Duke of Edinburgh Hotel in Barrow in Furness - have raised a further £103.39 with their collection bottle. Thanks to all the patrons of the hotel who continue to support the CVI.

Kind donation from sale of eBay items by Ian Forsythe.

Duke of Edinburgh Hotel in Barrow in Furness have raised £85 - Many thanks to all the patrons who give so generously. They have raised £1,195.39 in total for Steve’s tribute fund over the years.

K2B Walk - once again Barry’s friends completed this walk, raising an impressive £950. Many thanks to all those who completed the walk and those who gave so generously.

Sale of a pair of 1947 Lea Francis Sport saloon car headlamps owned by Ray Ellis and Christmas cards made by Sue Forsythe raised £205 towards Steven’s Tribute Site.

Sue Ellis - Money given by Janet Pegg with thanks for help moving & selling vintage motor bike.

Sue Ellis - £15 was raised from the sale of plants in May 2017

Many thanks for the gift from Janet Pegg for help renovatign 1952 Riley. 

Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, Barrow in Furness - Many thanks once again to Barry Ellis and the patrons of the hotel who have donated a further £160 to ICVI, in memory of Steven.  They have raised £1355.39 in recent years. 

Steve was a wonderful lad, and we remember him with much affection. He is always in our thoughts and never forgotten, with much love Doug, Pat and family x  

The Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, in Barrow in Furness, raised a further £170 in January 2018, bringing the total raised at the hotel to £1,525.39.  Many thanks to all those at the hotel who have given so generously.  

The Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, in Barrow in Furness has raised another £170 for Steven's tribute fund.  Their continued efforts and generosity mean that they have raised £1695.39 over the last few years. 

In April Sue Ellis again raised a very respectable £275 at her car boot sale.


The Gary Forster Tribute Fund

Gary F 3


Gary 55, was a family man, a professional, a mentor and a great human being.

He leaves behind his wife Vanessa and three young sons James, Charlie and Henry. Gary and Vanessa were married for over 22 years having met when they both worked for the same property firm Hillier Parker and had shared aspirations, values and sense of doing the right thing, but always made each other laugh.

He was so proud of his boys who not only reflect his features but also mirror his Christian values which made him so respected and liked by all those who met him.  The boys will be a great comfort to Vanessa in the days ahead as they will remind her everyday of this lovely man. They also know they can take strength knowing he is in heaven looking after them from afar. They are also surrounded by family including Uncle Stephen and dedicated friends.

As a professional man, he was a significant asset to planning and property development industry acting for many of the country’s leading developers, institutions and occupiers. There are many major projects for the boys to visit and be proud.

Gary never forgot his Sunderland roots although he was also a proud citizen of London. The family enjoyed many happy times in their cottage in Dorset where he could relax whilst sharing special times on the local steam railway at Swanage which he and boys followed avidly from restoration project to its reconnecting with the main line at Wareham.

Gary was diagnosed with malignant melanoma back in December 2013 and started immunotherapy under the care of Professor Dalgeish in November 2016 at which point things looked very difficult, but the impact on his pain, wellbeing and daily life was almost immediate leading to an all clear in April 2017. Sadly, he then became unwell and had to stop the treatment giving the disease an opportunity to take hold and rapidly progress and he passed away surrounded by love 9 July 2017.

 His treatment gave him a further 6 months of quality time with his family and friends in which times many very special memories were made. Immunotherapy is the future of tackling cancer and it is so important professor Dalgeish is supported financially to continue his excellent work.


Many thanks to all those who have given so generously in memory of Gary.  Over £12,000 has been raised so far. 

Montagu Evans LLP held a quiz night in February 2018 and raised £2509.50.  Many thanks to all who took part. 

Edward Ledwidge and Josh Myerson ran 5k in March 2018 in memory of Gary, in their work attire and raised £1005 in sponsorship from his work collegues at Montagu Evans LLP

Ingenious Media - Charity of the Year

Ingenious Media have chosen the Institute for Cancer Vaccines and Immunotherapy as their charity of the year.  So far they have had a Mexican Charity Fiesta evening, raising £1400.  All money raised will be matched by Ingenious Media.