Changing Lives Through Research

We are pioneers in researching cancer vaccines and immunotherapy to improve patients' survival rates and their quality of life for a wide range of cancers.

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We are dedicated to providing a tailored approach to all our patients giving them every possibility of a successful outcome.

One of the ways in which we are really unique is that we can direct our research interests so specifically. Each and every one of our scientists works on a research project which is informed in some way by Professor Dalgleish’s interests and the treatment he gives patients. Cancer patients are his inspiration, and the reason the ICVI exists.

Rolex Raffle 2017

This was drawn on January 2018 and the winner has been contacted.  Further details will appear in the Spring newsletter.  Over £8,400 was raised for the Lucy Sands Tribute Fund.  Many thanks to all those who took part.  


The ICVI held our third International Symposium on Immunotherapy in London in May 2017. Please have a look at our Summer 17 newsletter for more information about this event. You will also find a more technical report on this event in the newsletter section.


Case Studies

'I am living a normal life.'
Back in 1996 aged just twenty-five, I had a mole removed that had some cell abnormalities… cancer wasn’t mentioned. Fiv...
'I am delighted to be in remission.'
Four years ago, whilst on holiday a friend pointed out that she did not like the very dark colour of a mole that was be...
'I was given 2 weeks to live 10 years ago!'
Standing hand on hip one day in 2006 I felt a lump the size of a grape on my right side. I knew it would change everyth...

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